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Erwin Ploeger
Head of the Education Bureau at UNESCO-IHE

We used the InstantDebriefing tool as an ice breaker and as a catalyst for discussing personal drivers and concerns. It added an infomal touch to the otherwise professional group dynamics, thus increasing the mutual bond. The easy-to-use interface and visuals make it fun and applicable, even if you have little time.

Erwin Witteman
Projectmanager at Port of Rotterdam

When laying a groundwork for successful multidisciplinary teamwork the InstantDebriefing app is key. InstantDebriefing allows my team members to voice their preconceptions and to assess one another while getting better acquainted. Pieter van Prooijen has developed an accessible and easy to use method that works.

Robbert Huijsman
Senior Manager Innovation at Achmea

Pieter's visualization tool equipped our innovation team with a nice open dialogue about the three key roles of innovators: explorer, creator and connector. Both individually and at team level insights emerge about the unique personal mix of these roles and how they thrive in different innovation projects.

Connect and explore results together.

Voice preconceptions and reflect on results.

Transfer insights into the organizational learning cycle.

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Easy Setup

Invite team members by email. Add pictures. Select a model. Send, assess and debrief!

Team approach

Instant Debriefing points towards team results and goes beyond individual assessments.

Custom options

Custom models and custom UX approaches are available upon request.

Support the research

This method and app are part of a PhD research project. Feel free to share ideas.

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All you need is three team members.
An open app with shared model library. Best for team managers, alliance builders, board members, project developers. Pro version. Best for business consultants, facilitators, entrepreneurs, researchers, change managers. Custom catered solution. Best for consulting companies, academic institutions.
Instant Debriefing
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Pricing You can also choose to evaluate Instant Debriefing for one month using extra features. We'd love to hear your wishes and insights. Please contact us.
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